Sharing Knowledge and Stories of Hope, Love, Purpose and Courage that Inspire, Heal and Transform

Providing Positive Content


T he very specific events of ones life , like a colorful, richly detailed, woven tapestry, when followed with courage and generosity of spirit, will lead you to this magnificent jewel that lies deep within. This jewel is called YOUR PURPOSE.

Each soul is born with a  very unique and precious purpose that when discovered and activated, benefits the world.

Through my work I have been honored to tell stories about warriors who have turned hardship into giving, heroes who have transformed their suffering into love,  inventors who have created works of genius from caring about the well being of all around them and other lovers of our planet earth who are  here to contribute to its wellbeing. 

I am inspired to continue sharing such stories about people, projects and organisations as well as sharing spiritual and healing knowledge that will bring positivity into the world and enrich our souls.


Ayelet Saban-Creator